Song of Songs 8:1-14. Love as strong as death

Love is ambiguous in our city. Full of promise and tragedy, desire and frustration. Love makes us human and is our fatal flaw. Songs finishes with a love that overcomes even death… a love God himself knows well. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Song of Songs 8:1-14

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A talk outline

Leaning on her beloved | Need (8:1-5)

For love is as strong as death | Covenant (:5-7)

I am a wall | Chastity (8-12)

Come away my beloved | Longing (13-14)



Our times

Our God

Q: What have you found ambiguous about Song of Songs? Where have you seen yourself? Spend some time in quiet reflecting on what God may be saying to you through Song of Songs.

Q: How does the love in Song of Songs contrast with the different varieties of love we are exposed to?

Q: How is God’s love in Christ for his people like the love described in 8:5-7? Meditating on Revelation 22:17-20, should our longing for God be a reflection of the longing the lovers in Song of Song have for each other?