Song of Songs 4:1-6:3. A man’s love

We have more scientific detail than ever before about the differences between men and women but the theology of the Bible never teaches that difference in gender or race or gifting or status or wealth ever implies a difference in human value before God or anyone else. Men and Women may be attracted to different aspects of each other but the poetry of Songs focuses on the deeper meaning of these attractions and the wisdom that supports committed relationships. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Song of Songs 4:1-6:3

For further thought

A talk outline –

For men only

How is this woman seen by her man?

  • Architecture & Livestock

How is this man seen by his woman?

  • A statue

How do we keep love fresh?

  • What to look for in a woman
  • Physical relating
  • Sacrificial love and honouring respect

Q: Do you think there are normative ways of men and women seeing each other in the qualities of the woman described in Chapter 4 or the qualities of the man described in Chapter 5?

Q: What are those qualities and why are they different? 

Q: What does the unashamed depiction of feminine desire in the dream of Chapter 5 teach us about Christian discussions of love?