Song of Songs 3:1-11. Love and loneliness

Singleness, loneliness and the frustratiton of desire are part of life. They are also part of the contrasts that make up the poetry of Song of Songs. Perhaps to the surprise of our city today, we discover the Biblical God is a God who knows what love means in all its expressions. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Song of Songs 3:1-11

For further thought

Love and Loneliness

The longing of love (1-5)

The celebration of love (6-11)

The God of love

Q: What have you learnt from this passage that would help you to advise a single person who does not want to be single?

Q: What lessons for marriages, new and old, can be gleaned from this passage?

Q: The poet wants to fill unmarried minds with grand visions of the value and honour of marriage (verse 6-11). How do people we know see marriage today? How does this affect the unmarried?