Song of Songs 1:1-2:12. A woman’s love

There is only one erotic writing from the ancient world where we hear the voice and desires of a woman. It is the Biblical wisdom book, Song of Songs. In fact, the majority of the speaking done in this book is by the woman’s voice. The Bible does not blush in the way we might about sexual desire, love and love making and this writing makes clear that successful intimacy is a deeply committed partnership in which a woman may lead. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Songs 1:1-2:12

For further thought

A woman’s love | Song of Songs 1.1-2.12 (talk outline)

Allegory or erotic poetry?

  • Biblical theology
  • Cultural bias

How does this work with the Bible?

  • Naked and not ashamed (Genesis 2)
  • The powerful voices of women

For love is more delightful than wine (1.1-4)

Modesty of the sun darkened woman (5-6)

Naked and unashamed love (7-17)

You are for me and I for you (2.1-3)

The banner of love (2.4)

The power and danger of love (2.7)

For further thought:

What thoughts stand out for you in the introduction (above) to this book? What do you agree with what do you question? In what ways does the reading above challenge our understanding of marriage? How can we help unmarried Christian people remain godly in their lives?