Psalm 95. Worship is warning

I admit it. I am a consumer. I also admit that I am at my worst as a consumer when it comes to church life. I critique worship services on the basis of what will work for visitors or outreach or pastoral needs or me. I make all these things the concern of worship… and I need to repent of that. Worship is only about God and my concern is to give him his worth. This Psalm has introduced Synagoge and Church services for millenia for a good reason, it invites us into true worship. A joyful, obedient and reverent relationship with the living God. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Psalm 95

Psalm 90 | Worship is warning

Passion & Joy – not dead ritual

Humility & obedience – not hypocrisy

Urgent reverence – not delay or disbelief

For further thought

Q: When we come to worship with others what is our normal attitude?

Q: What reasons does this Psalm give us for worship in verses 1-7?

Q: What warnings does this Psalm give us about poor worship in verses 7-11?

Q: What would change for services at our church if our worship was filled with passion and joy, humility and obedience, urgent reverence?

Q: How can we be consumers rather than contributors in worship at church?