Psalm 90. Prayer is home

Prayer is more than useful, it is home. In this Psalm, mediating on our troubled world drives us to seek wisdom from God. Wisdom, in turn, drives us to seek grace from God – that he would give us joy in our daily lives lived for and with him. Then that he would make our lives useful to the people around us and who come after us by responding to his gifts by telling all about the work God has done in our lives. Prayer and worship is the work of our hands being established and not wasted. Prayer is more than useful, it is home. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Psalm 90

Psalm 90 | Prayer is home

Prayer/worship is home (1-2)

In the middle of a troubled and frustrated world (3-6)

Where we are consumed by God’s anger (6-10)

You teach us to number our days (11-12)

So we may be wise

Relent O Lord (13)

Satisfy us with your love and joy (14)

Make us glad for as many days as well have seen trouble (15)

Let us tell of your deeds

Let your favour rest on us, establish the work of our hands (16-17)

Prayer/worship is home

For further thought

Q: This Psalm asks us to step back and mediate on a wider view of human struggles. How can this meditation make us wise and cause us to number our days (v12)?

Q: The Psalm does not leave us meditating on struggle but becomes a prayer asking God to relent (v13). What are we to ask God to relent or turn from? 

Q: What does this Psalm ask God to establish in our lives in response to our prayer? 

Q: Jesus sacrifice is the ultimate sign of God relenting from his anger. He (Jesus) bore our wrongs so we might be healed (Isaiah 53 / 1 Peter 2:4). How does Jesus finally give us all that this Psalm asks for?

Q: Why is daily worship in our lives and weekly worship together important especially during troubled times?