Psalm 73. Prayer is understanding

Prayer and worship is a place where we understand God’s work in the world and experience his hold on us – even when our hold on God is frail. Psalm 73 seems to be a song of doubt and struggle bit is a song of realisation through the struggles of doubt. A song that points us to where our wealth and success lies. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Psalm 73

Psalm 73

Struggling faith (1-3)

Because arrogance is blessed (4-9)

Because godlessness is admired (10-12)

Because godliness is a struggle (13-14)

Gaining understanding in worship (15-17)

Understanding how judgement works (18-20)

Understanding what true wealth is (21-27)

I will tell of all your deeds (28)

For further thought

Q: The Psalmist is suffering from a dilemma. Can you describe it?

Q: In verse 20 the word translated fantasy can also imply an image or idol. What do you think this suggests about, false religion and how judgement works in this Psalm?

Q: The Psalm moves between discussing the Psalmist’s thoughts and feelings to considering God’s people. What does this shift do to the attitude of the Psalmist? 

Q: What does God’s goodness in the Psalm consist of?

Q: What does God’s judgement look like today?

Q: In the old covenant God was known in the temple, in the new he is known through Jesus and the temple he is building his people (the church) into. How does knowing this affect our commitment to learning from the Bible and attending Church?

Q: God wants us to talk to him, not about him – so Asaph brings his complaints, doubts and hurts to the Lord. How does this compare with our prayers?