Psalm 16. Worship is personal

Here is the first in a series on lessons we can learn from the Psalms about worship. We all worship something, we all have faith commitments that we consciously (or not) believe will help us succeed or will give us what we deserve from life – for good or ill. King David teaches us the source of his courage, peace, delight and wisdom is in who and how he worships. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Psalm 16 | Worship is personal

For further thought

Q: What does this Psalm say to your life and its pressures?
Q: What does David mean by: “apart from you I have no good thing.”?
Q: Why is delight in God joined to delight in God’s holy people? (Exodus 19:3-6)
Q: Is this delight true for us – especially in our worship together?
Q: What other things do human beings trust in apart from the Lord?
Q: We pursue good things as ultimate things (gods) to treat our sorrows. Yet, how do our sacrifices to false priorities amplify our sorrows instead? (eg. Deuteronomy 6:13-25)
Q: What heritage has God assigned to us? (eg. Ephesians 1:1-14)
Q: David praises God and his praise leads to guidance and counsel in two ways Counsel (Public), by day and Meditation (Private) by night. What do they look like in our lives?
Q: Why does David have such confidence even in facing death? (Acts 2:22-32 & 13:34-38)

Q: One pastor wrote: “The better I get at being a Christian, the better life gets; the quality of life increases in God’s presence.” Does this mirror our experience?

Talk outline

Safety (1-2)

Community (3)

Self destruction (4)

Heritage (5-6)

Wisdom (7-9)

Eternity (10-11)