Psalm 150. Worship is Praise

We live in times where we fear all things will end, as T. S. Elliot put it, in either a bang or a whimper. This is a false prophecy. A more reliable prophecy comes to us from the shape and use of the book of Psalms. The end of all things is praise – and that is why those who trust God can endure the whole of human experience described in Psalms. For in the end, God wins and we will roar with praise. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Psalm 150

Psalm 150

The end of history will be praise

These prayers are our words

These prayers are Christ’s words

Praise for

– Acts of power

– Surpassing greatness

God wins and we sing

For further thought

Q: How does it help us to know how the story of our lives and the story of humanity will end?

Q: If we knew that the end of all things is praise of God – how would our lives change?

Q: Why is music, dancing and singing such a feature in this Psalm? How does it compare to our worship?

Q: The Psalms are given to us by God to teach us to pray. In the New Testament we learn they are also Christ’s words that he prays for and with us (e.g. Matthew 27.46; Luke 24.44; Acts 2.25-36). How can this help our own prayer life?