Philippians 2.1-12. Leadership (Palm Sunday)

“If the head is rotten, so is the fish” says the Chinese proverb about leadership. The proverb illustrates how the quality and style of leadership filters through to affect the led. Australians will be going to the polls to choose leaders while we are watching how the whims and style of leaders on the world stage is threatening and harming many. We are less aware that we too are leaders in the areas of responsibility we have been given and how we lead has important consequences for those our decisions affect. Jesus taught and demonstrated for us servant leadership and research has shown that this form of leadership is effective and wise. Let’s learn how to lead as servants ourselves and seek and pray for servant leaders to be chosen or appointed so that all may be led by the service Easter reveals is at the heart of God.

Michael Flynn


Philippians 2.1-12

For further thought

Our problem with leadership

Servant leadership

Our leadership

Q: Thomas Jefferson wrote: “I tremble for my country when I think we may in fact get the kind of leaders we deserve.” What was Jefferson worried about in American leadership?

Q: How does Jesus’ example in this passage contradict what many in our world would take to be leadership?

Q: What stops us from promoting and choosing servant leaders?

Q: We all lead in our lives because we all have responsibilities in our relationships or the positions we hold in a family or at work or study. What can we do this week in our own areas of responsibility to show servant leadership?