Matthew 9.35-10.42. The mission we are on

Jesus says the motive for Christian mission is deep seated compassion for the lost. He could see into their lives, he could see into eternity they faced and on one of the few occassions when he tells his followers what to pray for he commands they pray that God would raise up labourers for his work of mission as God’s means of bringing people into his Kingdom. The results will be costly, persecutions will follow, which Jesus counters that prediction with the most often repeated command in the Bible: “Do not fear.” Amen. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Matthew 9.35-10.42

Matthew 9.35-10.42 | The mission we are on

Three generations timeā€¦

Motive for mission

Means of mission

  • Apostles
  • Ordinary people
  • Service
  • As we are
  • Discernment

Response to mission

  • Sheep/Wolves; Doves/Serpents
  • Death
  • Testimony
  • Families

For further thought

Q: There can be many motives for mission. What are they? What would change if deeply held compassion for the lost was our motive (9.36)?

Q: Jesus sends his apostles out as discerning missionary servants (10.5-15); how may we mirror this approach in our relationships?

Q: Jesus speaks of opposition in decreasing order of severity: death (10.26-31), self incrimination (32-33), divided families (34-38). He warns us to flee persecution when possible, but if not, to take up our cross and follow where he led (10.24, 25, 38, 39). You may like to share stories of what you know of persecution.

Q: Spend time praying for our brothers and sisters who are facing opposition.