Matthew 6.19-34. Wealth and worry

We may be successful or moderately successful or fail in the pursuit of wealth but the cost of making this our core value is anxiety and stunting the character traits that make our lives worth living. The love of wealth is a cruel master because it robs us of true wealth. There is another love that promises to meet and grow us as human beings, to give us great wealth whether we think we are rich, poor or aspirationally in between. Where our heart is there our treausure will be also, in other words, we become like what we love. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Matthew 6.19-34

Matthew 6:19-34 | Wealth is worry

What we won’t admit to is what makes us anxious

– what everyone wants

But you…

Have a greater wealth than the nations

Have a better master than the nations

Have a greater joy than the nations

Jesus’ realistic pastoral teaching on worry

For further thought

Q: If you know someone struggling with finances, one resources is Christians Against Poverty, an award winning charity. More details can be found from or phone: 1300 227 000.

Q: The verbs Jesus uses to describe storing treasurers on earth (6.19) or in heaven (6.20) imply a continual ongoing effort. What are the effects of these continual efforts?

Q: From Jesus’ sermon create a list of treasures in heaven that stand in the presence of God. How does having these things make a difference now? We add to necessity, luxury and then excess (6.29) yet there is simplicity and contentment in Jesus teaching (6.25-34). How could this be applied to your life?

Q: Jesus is realistic about worry (6.34). How can we learn this spiritual habit and let the worry of the day be met by the grace given?