Matthew 3.1-17. Expected & unexpected

For over 400 years God had been silent. Many significant developments occured in world history during this period which we still live with today – but God was silent. Then a man dressed and acting like Elijah appeared in the Judean wilderness. His task was to announce the coming of God to us. He said the arrival of God would be marked by the fulfillment of justice, instead, it arrived with undeserved mercy. The exile of all humanity from its creator had begun to be reversed. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Matthew 3.1-17

Matthew 3.1-17 | Expected and unexpected

The silence of God

  • John the Baptiser (Malachi 4)

The distance of God

  • Our exile (Isaiah 40)

The hypocrisy of religion

  • Heritage and merit

The meaning of mercy

  • The fruit of repentance

The nature of judgement

  • Losing the chance to change

The shock of grace

  • The baptism of Jesus

This is my Son

  • Listen, receive

For further thought

Q: Try, in one sitting if you can, to read all of Matthew’s gospel with these questions in mind: Why did Matthew write this? What did you learn about Jesus your did not know before? 

Q: Read Matthew 11.1-19 where Jesus speaks about John the Baptiser, what is John’s role in chapters 3 and 11? Why was John shocked in chapter 3 and doubting in chapter 11? Why does Jesus receive John’s baptism of repentance? 

Q: Luke 3:10-14 has John applying his preaching. How might we too apply his words to our lives?