Matthew 28. Resurrection

Two questions have followed us in Matthew: Why is God’s revelation of himself in Jesus veiled, and, why can’t people entrust themselves to Jesus? The answer in Matthew is that some see Jesus as a hope while others see him as a threat. Tempted like a new Adam; teaching to unearth the word of God, like a new Moses; healing like the tree of life let loose in the cursed world; accused of evil like the truest prophets. People ask him to show them God but he responds by asking what have we sold our souls to? We come to Christ with our questions and the first thing we find is that he questions us. We come to Christ seeking the Kingdom of success in this world, instead he gives us a Kingdom that deals first with our own wrongs. This is why he dies as a false prophet and a mocked king.

Easter morning changes this – now what was veiled is to be told, now he is coronated as ruler of the universe and what he does with that authority is to seek us as friends. Life himself asks us to be disciples and to make disciples. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Matthew 28

For further thought

Q: Why is the presence of God the ultimate prize in every promise of the Bible?

Q: What are the good things God has given you in your life? Can you thank him for them now?

Q: How is Jesus, the resurrected King, our greatest good?

Q: Matthew opens with Immanuel – God with us and ends with the promise, I will be with you until the end. Is this enough to help us endure as his disciples?