Matthew 14.22-36. Shame & vulnerability

Brené Brown in 2010 spoke of how her research on vulnerability discovered that people who live in cities like Melbourne have lives marked by shame. Shame, she says, is more than acknowledging we have made mistakes, it is concluding that we are mistakes. In this story of Jesus walking on the water we have been given a lived out parable of the gospel, how he comes to us through the chaos of living to deal with our deepest doubt – our doubts about ourselves. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Matthew 14.22-36

Matthew 14.22-36 |  Why do you doubt? (Shame & vulnerability) 

Shame in our time

– Renee Brown – I am a mistake / vulnerability

– Marina Ambramović – people full of pain / someone saw

Walking on the water

– Historical. A sign

– Theological. The greater Moses

– Pastoral. Vulnerability.

Jesus comes to us, even while the storm rages

– Take comfort. I am. (Exodus 3)

– Is it you?

– We sink in the chaos when we only see the fear and not the friend

– In the boat the chaos stops

Get out of the boat

– Jesus Christ is the safest place for your vulnerability

– Someone sees you and loves you

Fear or friend

For further thought

Q: In what way is there a pattern of the gospel in this story of Jesus walking on the water?

Q: Why do we doubt ourselves most of all?

Q: Is our shame part of the reason for why we doubt God?

Q: How can you ‘step out of the boat’ and face the fears that currently dominate your life?