Matthew 13.1-23. Choking the word of God

Why doesn’t God make himself more obvious? Jesus’ answer is that God does make himself clear and will one day make himself unavoidably so but what we see or understand now of God depends upon whether we see ourselves clearly first. Jesus describes four responses to God’s speaking to us: the hardened life, the shallow life, the conflicted life and the fruitful life. He wants us to see which kind of life are we living. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Matthew 13.1-23

Matthew 13.1-23 | Choking the word of God

Will God be obvious?

What is the Kingdom of God?

Jesus teaches in parables because he is the parable

Without knowledge of self there is no knowledge of God (Calvin)

Four people

  • The hardened
  • The shallow
  • The conflicted
  • The fruitful

The effect of our sowing

What soil are we?

For further thought

Q: Why, in this parable, does Jesus say that the Kingdom of Heaven is not obvious to all?

Q: John Calvin wrote that ‘without knowledge of self, there is no knowledge of God.’ Why do we need to see ourselves clearly before we can begin to see or understand God?

Q: Can you think of examples of the types of ‘soil’ Jesus describes in his parable?

Q: What does this parable teach us about the pastoral and missional life of the church?

Q: What kind of soil are we?