Luke 21.5-38. The end of time

A friend recently said that we live in times that feel apocalyptic. He was right, these are the last days and they have been so since the resurrection of Jesus. Of course, false prophets arise in times like ours to mislead people not only about vaccines, viruses and elections but also about God. Jesus warned times of stress would produce these things. Jesus also gave us signs to watch for and a method to live that helps us avoid the pitfalls of both distraction and anxiety as we wait for his return. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Luke 21.5-38

For further thought

Q: There have been many occasions in the recent past when Christian groups have made claims that the second coming of Jesus was imminent. From this passage, (Luke 21:36, see also, Matthew 24:35) how would you discuss this with someone who said that Jesus was coming back later this year?

Q: Are such people false prophets? (Luke 21:8)

Q: According to Jesus in Luke 21, what is the most beautiful wealth in the wealth filled temple? Why?

Q: The signs of the end include: deception (8), growing troubles amongst the nations of the world (9-11), persecution of the followers of Jesus (12-19), the fall of Jerusalem and the end of the sacrifices of the Old Covenant (20-24), signs on the earth and in the heavens (sky) (25,26), then the coming of the Son of Man (see Daniel 7). Jesus tells his followers to watch (discern the times 29-31) and beware of having their hearts weighed down with mindlessness or anxiety. What signs have we seen of his coming? How does this help us to walk with him? How can we stop our hearts being weighed down by either distraction or anxiety (34-36).

Luke 21: 5-38 | The end of time

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