Luke 20: 27-47. Marriage & life

Our conversations about marriage in Australia seldom recall what traditional societies know as a matter of course. That marriage is about life. How life is nurtured, sustained and passed on in a dying world. Jesus, in his discussion with the religious materialists of his time teaches that marriage is an important but temporary gift that will not be needed in the life after life. Then we will not be defined by our relationships or our gifts but by being children of God. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Luke 20.27-47

For further thought

Q: Through most of history marriage has been about the nurturing and passing on of the gift of life. How has our understanding of marriage changed for us in Australia today?

Q: In Jesus teaching, why has the connection between marriage and life been changed? 

Q: Married people need to think of someone else in relation to their actions, otherwise their marriage will fail. How can single people counter the risk of becoming self-absorbed? How can married people encourage each other to relate to God and not take their relationship for granted? 

Q: How can the married assist single people and single people assist those in relationships to continue well in their walk with Christ – to pursue holiness?

Q: Why doesn’t marriage or singleness define who we are before God?

Talk outline

Life and Marriage in Australia

– Over value marriage

– Under value marriage

Marriage is a gift for a time

Marriage is not the future, the resurrection is

– Exodus 3

– Psalm 110

Honour marriage but hold it lightly

– 1 Corinthians 7 & 13