Luke 11.37-54. Blindness

This continues a teaching series on the arguments Jesus had and caused. Here we find Jesus is not a polite dinner guest. But the stakes are high, the discussion is about the true cause of evil and the help we need to deal with it. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Luke 11.37-54 | Blindness

Luke 11.37-52 | Blindness

Jesus is not the ideal dinner guest

Reasons for woe – the marks of hypocrisy

  • Concerned to appear good but not be good (deceitful)
  • Unwilling/unable to change the inside life (blind)
  • Blocks others from the grace of God (hateful)

Clean hands or hearts?

Detailed giving or a passion for justice and love?

Obscuring the words of God or explaining them?

Hypocrisy is all of us

  • Romans 1-3

For further thought

Q: Jesus often asks his followers to compare their internal lives with their outer actions (eg. Here and Matthew 5-7). Why is our character as much part of our motivations as it is our actions?

Q: A major theme in Jesus’ teaching is to challenge hypocrisy. How does hypocrisy damage our family life, our work life, our church life?