John 5. Approval

Who did Jesus claim to be? Here he deliberately provokes the question and provides an answer that outrages his contemporaries. His answer will also outrage people in our time since we too struggle to acknoweldge the evidence we have of who he is. We still seek glory from each other and not from the God who made us. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


John 5 | Approval

John 5. Approval

What causes unbelief?

So some are healed without faith (1-15)

working on the sabbath

By the father who disrupts the world in his Son (16-30)

For which there are witnesses (31-47)

Where is our approval from?

For further thought

Q: Even if you don’t believe that God exists what do you think God is like?

Q: How does this affect what you allow yourself to believe about Jesus Christ?

Q: Compared to other healings recorded in the New Testament, what is unusual about the healing of the invalid beside the pool?

Q: Does the man who is healed have faith in Jesus?

Q: Does the man who is healed show any gratitude to Jesus?

Q: Why is this man ill? (v14)

For the leaders, there is one thing worse than a man carrying his mat on the Sabbath and that is someone telling people to carry their mats on the Sabbath.

The Sabbath is the 4th Commandment – a sign that God’s people were not to be slaves, a sign that God rested on the 7th day and all should rest in him. But traditions had grown up around the Sabbath which obscured the purpose of God for it.

Q: Why does Jesus take the debate to the next level when he could have answered that for a formerly cripple man to carry his mat was obviously not his regular work!

Q: List what the Father does and the Son does – what are the differences, what are the similarities?

Q: What do we learn about the character of God from these descriptions?

Q: Is Jesus a creature of God? Does Jesus demean God? Or Does Jesus reveal God? (14:9)

Q: Why is Jesus best able to judge and save?

Q: Does our church show signs of mutual love and humility – the life within God amongst us?

Q: Describe the testimonies to Jesus

  • relationship/character of God
  • John the Baptist – the last OT prophet
  • the works Jesus does
  • the Scriptures

Q: According to this passage – what is at the heart of unbelief?