John 17. The answer to Jesus’ prayer

In this short series on prayer we consider how some Biblical personalities experienced answered prayer. In this talk we look at Jesus’ prayer for the future of the church in John 17 and learn while many think his prayer for unity has not been answered that the evidence of the New Testament is that it has been answered in ways we did not expect. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


John 17.1-26

John 17.1-26 | The answer to Jesus’ prayer

Has Jesus’ prayer for unity been answered?

Our unity is the glory of Jesus

Examples of answers to Jesus’ prayer

– Acts 15.23-29 – Romans 14:1-9 – 1 John

Unity is not

– Uniformity

– Organisation

– Culture

– Shared humanity

– Peace

Unity is the glory of Jesus

For further thought

Q: What causes divisions in our world today?

Q: What causes divisions in our churches today?

Q: Why is living a shared life in God loved by diverse people a powerful witness?

Q: Ever since John 12 Jesus has been saying that it is time for his glory to be revealed. He explains that his glory is his suffering (John 1:14, 12:23-33). How does the glory Jesus had before creation (John 17.24) amplify the glory of his death?

Q: How do we experience God in our life together? How do we show unity around Jesus with people who are very different to us?