John 12.20-32. Servants (Lent 5)

Imagine people walking into our churches wanting to meet Jesus. People walk in to admire the windows, the architecture, the history, to ask for financial help or to hire a hall or to book a wedding or baptism. So why would people walk into a church to seek what it actually exists for… to introduce people to Jesus? Because it is Jesus who said his sacrifice would draw all people to himself and that sacrifice, mirrored by his followers, is attractive.

Michael Flynn


John 12.20-32

For further thought

We want to meet Jesus

My time has come


– that troubles Jesus

– that drives out the prince of this world

– that asks us to follow it


– this glory is light to the world

– it draws people to it

We want to meet Jesus

– seeking the glory of Jesus

Q: What do we normally consider to be glorious?

Q: What is the glory of Jesus?

Q: Why is Jesus glory in the cross set against what normally passes as glorious?

Q: What does the glory of Jesus teach us about God?

Q: Why are the nations of the world drawn to this glory (v 32) rather than the glory of the world?

Q: How can this glory be lived out in our lives?