Genesis 5:1-6:8. Crime and punishment

Genesis 5 was written in another time and sets itself against the origin stories that justified those times. Yet, it still warns us of the combined traps of technological advancement married to moral decay seen in mixing of boundaries (especially sexual ones), the justification of violence, the oppression of the weak, and the constant desire to throw off the order God sets in both his world and his word. The warning to us is the punishment will fit the crime and we will be given what we want. A world without boundaries.

Michael Flynn


Genesis 6 to 9

For further thought

Q: What convictions make people resilient in times of trouble?

Q: What were Noah’s convictions?

Q: Noah is not depicted as a perfect man (e.g. 8.20 & 9.19f) why then does he find grace from God (6.8) and is called a righteous man? (6.9)

Q: Why is the whole earth judged (6.11f) and what changes are put I place after the flood to preserve the earth and to limit human wrongs? (7.18-9.6)

Q: Hebrews 11.7 describes Noah’s life as a work of preaching – how is the Christian life like this?

Q: Christ’s cross is where the judgement of God has fallen for all people, including those in Noah’s time (1 Peter 3.18-22). How is walking with God, by the death and resurrection of Jesus, similar and different to Noah’s experience of survival? How is this our resilience?

Talk outline

Hell (6.9-13)

Grace (6.14-7.5)

Judgement (7.6-7.24)

Sacrifice (8.1-22)

Blood (9.1-17)

Shame (9.18-29)