Genesis 45. God meant it for good

Making sense of our lives, interpreting our lives under God’s care is a challenge for us all. Joseph wisely sees how even though those who once hated him meant him harm, God had intended their wrong, their compromised lives, their guilt for good. Lord, so change us to trust you, even by our wrongs and sufferings. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Genesis 45 | God meant it for good

Genesis 45 |  God meant it for good

Our choice and God’s choice

Fate and responsibility

Justice and irony

Ordinary lives and grace

For further thought

Q: How are our circumstances also the place where we are called to serve God?

Q: How has God chosen the foolish things in the world to service his purposes today?

Q: What punishments do Joseph’s brothers have to live with following Joseph’s sale as a slave?

Q: How does Judah change throughout this story? What is the sign of true change?

Q: How have you seen grace move you or people you know from ordinary to extraordinary – from self focus to courage in the service of God?

Q: Jesus purpose was not only to deal with the penalties for our wrongs but to give us the ability to grow in living with increasing courage in God. How do others say they have seen that growth in your life?