Genesis 4. Conflict

Genesis 4 describes the depth of Eve’s pain in childbearing as well as the symptoms of a culture in decline over generations. The culture is full of technological and political advances but violence increases with each gain in brilliance. Am I my brother’s keeper? How we answer this question will shape our own lives as well as the life of the communities in which we live. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Genesis 6 to 9

For further thought

Q: What convictions make people resilient in times of trouble?

Q: What were Noah’s convictions?

Q: Noah is not depicted as a perfect man (e.g. 8.20 & 9.19f) why then does he find grace from God (6.8) and is called a righteous man? (6.9)

Q: Why is the whole earth judged (6.11f) and what changes are put I place after the flood to preserve the earth and to limit human wrongs? (7.18-9.6)

Q: Hebrews 11.7 describes Noah’s life as a work of preaching – how is the Christian life like this?

Q: Christ’s cross is where the judgement of God has fallen for all people, including those in Noah’s time (1 Peter 3.18-22). How is walking with God, by the death and resurrection of Jesus, similar and different to Noah’s experience of survival? How is this our resilience?

Talk outline

Hell (6.9-13)

Grace (6.14-7.5)

Judgement (7.6-7.24)

Sacrifice (8.1-22)

Blood (9.1-17)

Shame (9.18-29)