Genesis 2:4-25. Process is not purpose

Stories of how humanity came to be have been used through-out history to define what humans are for and to set up classes of people in our societies. Genesis take a radical turn away from those creation stories to tell us that what ever process has given rise to human beings does not dictate our purpose. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Genesis 2. Process is not purpose

For further thought

Q: Compare Genesis 1.19,26,27 with the creation of the man and woman in Chapter 2. How o the creation accounts complement each other?

Q: In these stories what do human beings share with animal life and what is unique?

Q: How do the different types of soil in Genesis 2 (surface of the earth, agricultural land (Adamah), wilderness) help us to understand the story better?

Q: How does Genesis 2 suggest that death exists outside of Eden?

Q: What makes our work, words and love part of the purpose of human beings according to Genesis 2? 

Q: What frustrates those expressions of purpose today?

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