Genesis 15. One sided contract

The theme of God taking upon himself the penalty of our wrong has a long history. In this chapter God binds himself on oath to Abraham and his descendants and promises to bear the final cost of any rupture in the agreement. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Genesis 15. One sided contract

Escaping the echo chamber

Educating Father Abraham

After there war

Counted as righteous

God’s oath the prophecy

The children of Abraham

For further thought

Q: How has thinking about Genesis developed you understanding of our own time and place?

Q: Chapter 15 is a response to the victories of chapter 14. What challenges does Abram’s trust in God face at this point? What challenges does your own trust in God face? How has God responded in the past to Abram and to you?

Q: 15:6 is a key verse where Abram’s trust in counted as righteousness yet Genesis is clear that Abraham’s trust and righteousness are a work in progress. How is Abram as a model of faith in God both an encouragement and challenge to us?

Q: Verses 9-21 describe a sacrificial oath ceremony where only God is able to make the oath that binds him and Abram. What is the implication of God making such an oath? Does this help us to understand the sacrifice of Jesus Christ?

Q: In the New Testament the apostle Paul writes that the true children of Abraham are those who had trust in God as Abraham did (Galatians 3:7). Compare this with Matthew 2:7-10 and Romans 14.