Genesis 1:1-5. Creator and Creation

This is the beginning of a series which requires humility. The topics raised by the early chapters of Genesis are large and controversial. The reason for thinking about this book as Christians is confidence and that confidence comes in two parts. First, confidence that Christianity can make sense of the world and it is not true being a Christian and enjoying science is a contradiction. The second part of confidence is learning we matter, that we are not accidents. The idea that we are happenstance undergirds a lot of our modern ethics, economics and contemporary despair. Genesis tells us that even in the middle of personal experience of darkness and uncreation someone wills to say, ‘let there be light.’ [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Genesis 1:1-5

For further thought

Q: How do the good gifts in your life call you to God? 

Q: What do we learn about God from the first five verses of Genesis? 

Q: How do those verses help us to understand John 1:1-4 and Colossians 1:15-23? 

Q: Spend time in prayer thanking God for his good gifts to you in creation, for the greater gift of his Son Jesus Christ, for the promise of a renewed creation that is already at work in you.

Q: Do we mean anything?

Talk outline

Creation and recreation

– Genesis

– Law

– Prophets

– Gospels

– Letters

– Revelation

Hearing God

– the appeal of creation

– the healing of creation

– Where shall I go to flee from you?