Ecclesiastes 9 & 10. Resilience

Our culture talks a great deal about building resilience. Wisdom teaches us that all things, including wisdom, are limited. Knowing this is part of becoming resilient. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Ecclesiastes 9 & 10

For further thought

Q: What kinds of limitations to wisdom are there in Chapter 9?

Q: What are the strengths of wisdom according to Chapter 9?

Q: Why is it wise to know the limitations of wisdom?

In Chapter 10 there are a series of examples of practical wisdom and foolishness where one step separates foolish and wise action.

Q: How would asking the question: What happens next? have helped in all these examples?

Q: Think of areas of your life that require wisdom now. How would asking the question: What happens next? help you to deal with the risks and uncertainties surrounding your decisions?