Ecclesiastes 4. Realism

How can we see the oppressions, injustice and wrongs and yet still seek joy and live with reverence? [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


Ecclesiastes 4:1-5:7

For further thought

Q: What kind of oppressions make life not worth living?

Q: Where do we inflict such oppression upon ourselves?

Q: What will it take to achieve the balance of 4:6?

Q: How do we nurture or not our relationships?

Q: Why are relationships so important in Ecclesiastes?

Q: Can you think of examples of political change that were full of promise but were unfruitful or are now largely forgotten?

Q: What difference would it make to us if we lived and spoke as if God were as close as Ecclesiastes sees him to be under the sun rather than distant and largely irrelevant to our lives?