1 John 2.7-17. The old is new

To derail trust in God we simply present a new thing to trust in. This sales pitch will be effective because, in our city ‘new’ means more up-to-date, more relevant, faster, more affordable… better. John, in his first letter to … Read more

1 John 1. Certainty

To a people who are uncertain John proclaims the certainty Jesus Christ as the coming of life himself into the world. Like us, the people who John wrote to knew we cannot live without certainty and were aware of different … Read more

1 John 5.13-21. Freedom

Many ages have their uncertainties but ours are legion. The paradox is the promise of individual freedom detatched from God has made us and our decisions insignificant. If we can believe what we like, love whom we like – this … Read more

1 John 5.1-5. Overcome the world

John tells the church that truth, love and obedience is what helps us to overcome the pressure to conform to what everyone else does, believes and says. It is not church marketing or management, showmanship in either pop or high … Read more