1 John 3.1-10. Doing good

How do we recognise people from the same family? Physical traits? Habits? Interests? The question John asks is how do we recognise a child of God? The question is still current for us as churches divide over theological and ethical issues. John’s answer is, if someone believes that Jesus is from God, works to love the things that God loves, his people, his mission (as Jesus did), strives to do what is right or even pure (as Jesus did)… then you have met a child of God, someone who is living for the future that will be revealed when Christ comes again.

Michael Flynn


1 John 3.1-10

1 John 3:1-10 | Doing right

See what great love the Father has lavished on us, we are children of God (1-3)

So no one who lives in him should keep on sinning (4-6)

For anyone who does not do what is right is not God’s child (7-10)

For further thought 

Q: John is stunned (even towards the end of his life) at the effects of the gospel. What type of love is this that John describes?  What is done for us and what is the outcome? (Verse 1)

Q: What does it mean to purify ourselves in verse 3?

Q: Why does John define sin as lawlessness in verse 4?

Q: Why do we need the reminder that: he who does what is right is righteous in verse 7?

Q: How did Jesus destroy the devil’s work (verse 8) and why, according to this passage, is that work still seen in this world?

Q: What are we to do with the devil’s work in our own lives according to verse 9?

Q: What are we to do when we fail? (2.1-6)