1 John 1. Certainty

To a people who are uncertain John proclaims the certainty Jesus Christ as the coming of life himself into the world. Like us, the people who John wrote to knew we cannot live without certainty and were aware of different certainties offered in their culture to lean their hopes upon. Unfortunately, our certainties leave us open to disillusionment which is why  John wants us to receive the revelation of God in Jesus because this certainty is true. God has given us himself in Christ. John warns us not to deny this gift of certainty by denying our own wrongs, the illness Jesus came to heal. [Audio | Notes]

Michael Flynn


1 John 1

For futher thought

Q: In 1:1-4 John assures his people about the certainty of Christianity. Why does John pick up the language of Genesis 1 and John 1?

Q: Compare John 17:20-26 (Jesus’ prayer for us) with John’s opening words in this letter. The word fellowship means; to have things in common. What do God, the apostles and us have in common? Does John use the word fellowship in the same way Christians do today?

Q: Why is certainty about Christianity unfashionable today?

Q: What certainties do we promote in Melbourne today?